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Welcome to Southwest Photography Tours! Where the experience will leave you wanting more! We are Caryn and Roger Hill, more known for our storm chasing adventures, we have come to realize that we have a need to share our 2nd passion, photography of the southwest. For two decades now, we have lived, breathed and basically adopted Utah, Arizona and New Mexico as our second home away from home of Colorado.

What simply started out as having a desire to expand our storm chasing desires into the desert and concentrate on photographing monsoons, we soon found ourselves realizing what the entire southwest had to offer in the way of photography. Our travels have taken us from the southern edge of Arizona to the northern edges of the San Rafael Swell, and have explored numerous areas in between. With our extensive explorations of the southwest, we have personally chosen the areas we feel are best suited for all photographers alike. We basically have taken the guess work out of your next photography trip. Through our experiences in learning which area is best to shoot in the morning light versus the evening light, let us make your photography trip the “Optic Pleasure” of a lifetime. We will provide daily instruction on how to photograph lightning properly, and how to photograph a slot canyon, as well as the various canyonlands and fall color opportunities. We give instruction on composition, camera settings, photo processing and software needed as well.

So please, join us for a week long trip where you’ll be taken care of like no other photography tour company can. Our 20 plus years of running tours, has given us plenty of insight on how our guests need to be treated. You’ll ride in a comfortable, roomy vehicle, where we will make sure you arrive at each area, with plenty of time to photograph in the best lighting situation possible. We’ll then deliver you to our hotel each night, where we have made prior arrangements for your accommodations. No need to worry about taking care of your own transportation or hotel arrangements like the majority of the other tour companies have you do.  We are here to make sure you are well taken care of and your photography vacation sends you home with many good memories and plenty of images to add to your portfolio!

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